I personally have experience and an adequate customer base to offer a wide variety of e-services. If I don’t know how to accomplish something you need done; I can contract one of my professional experts to assist. However, with that said, I personally can offer the below services at competitive pricing.

If a price seems a bit beyond what you’re looking to pay, let me know! Since most of my work is ‘in-home’ I can negotiate with several different trades of services/possible items.

Website Development (Design, Coding, and Integration)
Small Businesses Need To Have A

Each website has their own unique need to content, designs, and management. Because of this I am unable to give accurate quotes on this page. If you’re interested in any of the below offerings, please Contact Me.

  • Personal Website, Portfolio, or Blog.
  • Small Business/Consulting Website
  • Large/Corporate Business (Commercial, Enterprise, etc…)
  • Community and/or Forum Development

SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

Package Time of Completion Price
Basic 1 Week $100
Advanced 2 Weeks $200
Premier 1 Month $500
  • BasicBy doing a Basic SEO optimization we will SEO optimize each page of your website by establishing key keywords, descriptions, and page titles for your website.
  • AdvancedBy doing an Advanced SEO optimization we will do all the key elements of a Basic SEO optimization with the addition of SEO optimization of images, and a sitemap to help users and search engine bots easily gather and index information from your website.
  • PremierBy doing a Premier SEO optimization we will do all the key elements of an Advanced SEO optimization with the addition of SEO’ing your links, and manually submitting your website to each search engine as well as promoting a strong backlink of your website to other Directories, Blogs, and Forums.

Web Hosting

This is a per request quote, please contact me for more information.

Managed Domain Name (Ex:…)

  • $25.00 per year or $100 for five years.

Social and/or Community Development

Since each community and social brand needs specific needs, this price can only be determined once a one-time $50 assessment fee has been paid. Most Social/Community development projects take six months to complete in full, please take this into consideration before contacting me wanting a ‘quick fix solution’.

Below are social, media, blog, and forum outlets I have experience with:

  • Custom/Personal Website Designs
  • Invision Power Boards
  • vBulletin
  • PhpBB Forums
  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • And more…

Questions on reliability? Please see some of my Past Clients.

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